If You're Bored, Don't Eat!

Expert Author Gregory L Gomez
Have you ever found yourself mindlessly snacking on things at home just because you weren't doing anything at that moment? Unfortunately snacking in this manner often means you are tossing hundreds, if not thousands of needless calories into your body each time that occurs.
In order to effectively lose weight you need to develop strong self-control when it comes to everything dealing with nutrition. That means not only at meals but also particularly with those deceptive snacks and drinks. These specific moments when it's often overlooked as to how much we are actually putting into our bodies.
Think about the last time you were watching TV, reading a book, or using the computer. Did you happen to have any food or drinks while you were partaking in one of these activities? If so, this is a really dangerous habit to have and one that needs to be adjusted for you to have weight loss success.
Often many times when these scenarios arise, it's not necessarily due to the fact that you are hungry, it's more along the lines of boredom. Sometimes we feel as though our hands and/or mouth needs to do something. Maybe simply chewing a piece of gum can really help out. It's crucial you get in the habit of not munching on something while you are doing leisure activities. If it's not a meal time or a planned snacking moment that's controlled, then you should not be putting anything into your body.
Try to always keep in mind if you're bored don't eat.
If you know you have issues with this, one of the best ways to handle these situations is by drinking a large glass of water and eat a near 0 calorie snack such as watermelon slices or carrots. It may seem odd to you right now, especially if you are used to munching on Doritos and large glasses of soda, but if you give it a try you may find that this simple way to handle a snacking urge can really satisfy you. At least fill you up enough to make it to your next healthy meal.
Here are some possible options you may enjoy as healthy snacks at home. Give them a try and see what you think. Raisins with almonds, carrot sticks, watermelon slices w/ yogurt, apple slices with a bit of peanut butter, any fruit, granola bars, flavored rice cakes. Tie any of those with a large glass of water and presto, your hunger cravings will vanish in an instant.
Plus, all those snacks mentioned will each total around 150 calories or less! That's a huge difference from a bowl of potato chips and large cup of soda which can easily weigh in at more than 600+ calories. Imagine if you make these better choices everyday? over a one week period alone, you can potentially save your body from 4,200 calories depending on how detrimental your snacking habits generally occur.
Snacks are meant to be small, nutritious, quench-your-appetite treats that keep you from hunger pains thus allowing you to get to your next meal problem-free. If you are consuming 600+ calories for a snack, you've just eaten more than is needed for an entire meal!
You're not going to lose weight that way. Always keep in mind if you're bored don't eat and you will save your body many, many needless calories.


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